Even though you see me with trumpet in most of the photos, piano was my main instrument. Accordion was my first instrument, then came the piano and finally, after hearing Louis "Satchmo" Amstrong live, my love for the trumpet and jazz came up. After classical music and jazz, then with the appearance of the "Beatles" began the turn to beat and finally to pop music. Nevertheless, I have always remained faithful to classical music. Besides music, my greatest passion was flying.

After discontinuing my studies in mechanical engineering in Stuttgart, I completed my training as a graduate image and sound engineer at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and at the Robert Schumann Conservatory. Since my study time fell in the student revolt at that time, there were no orderly lessons due to lack of teachers.

We used the resulting idle time in the small studio attached to the Robert Schumann Hall to make our first productions. Through our own music making, we knew the scene in Düsseldorf, so that it soon became known that relatively good recordings could be made with us.